Cast partial

Conventional partials

We use only recognized, approved and high-quality products to create our cast partials — products that are actually combined with a Vitallium 2000 cobalt-chrome alloy.

Hygienic bars

Built to improve patients’ comfort, hygienic bars are generally easier to tolerate because they are lighter and smaller than conventional partials. They also allow to free up palatal tissu while maintaining essential stability.

Acetal occlusion opening

When a dental articulation is too tight or is lacking space, the dental healthcare specialist must determine the necessary occlusion opening in order to create a balanced cast partial featuring an acetal thermoresin occlusion which offers strong resistance to abrasion and acute rubbing while remaining hypoallergenic and non toxic.


Thermoplastic clasps

By using thermoplastic FRS resin in the creation of thermoplastic clasps, the end result is that patients benefit from prosthesis that are removable, durable, comfortable and without any visible metal clasps. They are available in two colours — transparent and pink — to offer greater aesthetics.