Removable prosthesis

Acrylic prosthesis

We make balanced and semi-balanced prostheses that offer a finish that is anatomically personalized to suit each patient. We use a proven injection system that provides advanced precision. Our product of choice is Lucitone 199 acrylic, which offers a very strong shock resistance.

Thermoplastic FRS prosthesis

The thermoplastic FRS resin offers a perfect balance for partial prosthesis and its oral environment.

Soft base liner

The material we use for creating a soft base is flexible and offers great durability.

Fiber force

A fiber glass composite reinforcement system that is very resistant, light, and incorporated into the acrylic, offering comfort and a pleasant look, while protecting the prosthesis from any potential crack or damage.

Silicone retention

This silicone-based chemical formula wraps around a sensitive or fragile tooth that a patient wishes to keep. This silicone clasp stabilizes the prosthesis and keeps it in place while offering protection and longevity.


A flexible artificial gum that offers comfort, labial support and improves speech and aesthetics.

Thermoplastic night guards

Created with a patented thermoplastic, the night guard is comfortable, built with precision and requires no interocclusal surface adjustment. Ideal if you’re looking for optimal comfort.