Services and various products

Is your patient looking for a fixed or removable prosthesis, or perhaps one that is 100% personalized? At Joly & Lanois, we offer quick and accessible service, and high-performance products that are on the cutting edge of the very latest in dental technology.

Our technicians are extremely qualified to offer you quality products that are durable, dependable and state-of-the-art. Let us help you evaluate your needs so that we may find the perfect solution that will please your patient.

  • Coloration and personalized on-site make-up;
  • On-site aesthetic adjustments;
  • Laser soldering;
  • All types of repairs;
  • Delivery service anywhere in Canada;

and more…

  • Suggested designs and estimates;
  • CAD/CAM;
  • Digital imprints;   iTero
  • Mouth guards;
  • Whitening trays;
  • Transparent palates.

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